RPS Ascension: The Index

Antopeos, also the Anatolian Peninusla


RPS Ascension, the game of Dominions 3: The Awakening as played by a handful of forumites from Rock, Paper, Shotgun, has finally come to an end. The early parts were some of the first articles I wrote here on Space-Biff!, so please forgive some of the rougher sections. I could go back and touch them up, but that sounds a lot like effort.

Unfortunately, the game didn’t end as we would have hoped—a broken PC and waning interest caused a couple players to drop out prematurely, as is sometimes the problem with Dom3. Still, it was an excellent game, and whoever won (I’m not 100% clear on that, actually. All I know is that I lost) certainly deserved it.

After the jump, the complete index.


* Part One: Setup
* Part Two: The Awakening
* Part Three: Relearning Warfare
* Part Four: The Autumn Accords
* Part Five: White Candles
* Part Six: Annum Belli Apparatum
* Part Seven: Upstarts
* Part Eight: Crossing the Diluphe
* Part Nine: The Mystery of the Disappearing Pretenders
* Part Ten: Ignominy

Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

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  1. It makes me sad that it ended that way, but I’m glad you were able to finish the diary all the same — and come up with a clever way to do it at that!

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