Christmas, Occupied

After years of not being played with, my old Star Wars toys were sick of the annual use that the Christmas crowd was getting. They’ve taken matters into their own hands. Take that, ornament fat cats!

We considered all sorts of little flourishes. Pickets. Colored signs. Army men cracking down on the protesters. Polly Pocket hostages. But it was really hard to stand up these little guys on the batting. So we decided this was good enough.

They're as mad as hell, and they're not going to take this anymore.

Disclaimer: This is what I did with my sister while everyone else was dipping chocolates. This isn’t meant as a statement of political alignment, etc, etc.

More pics after the jump, and of course, you are permitted to click any of the pics for embiggening.

Your guess is wrong. The correct answer is Lando.

Trivia: Who is the 1% here? Answer in the alt-text.

Also of note: gas-mask Leia aghast at the carolers.

Things get tense as the CTPD squares off against the protesters.

Use the force push, Luke!

I like to think it's holiday stress that's pushed Leia to the edge.

P.S.: The chocolates were delicious.

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