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Space Battles Require No Justification

This is my best attempt at creating a message. "Despite being on opposite sides, aren't we all the same?" Bask in the profundity.

For whatever reason, Starfighter is interested in telling you why there are space cruisers and space fighters shooting space lasers and space torpedoes and doing space maneuvers with space shields. I mean, it would very much like to somehow justify the chaos of space battle. Something about the Very Great Depression and a timeline spanning a hundred years.

This is Starfighter’s first misstep. All we need to know is that there are starfighters and that they’re determined to pulverize one another. Story over.

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Encyclopedia Brown vs. The Telephone

It's so hard to introduce this game without screaming WITNESS ME!

Have you ever enjoyed the company of an Encyclopedia Brown mystery book, solving its riddles right alongside those plucky kids? Or perhaps engaged in a game of Telephone, also known as Chinese Whispers by those insensitive to the soft-spoken natures of our eastern brethren?

If so, then Witness might be the game for you. Buckle up, Encyclopedia.

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