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Six Places I’ve Played Oddball Aeronauts

The "O" in "Oddball" is capitalized. Don't let anyone tell you different. Including Maverick Muse.

I don’t normally plug Kickstarter campaigns, but there’s one in particular I’ve already reviewed twice this year, and both times my assessment was pretty much glowing. It’s called Oddball Aeronauts, from Maverick Muse, and it’s rad. Basically, it’s a light game about a fight between airships in which you wager a number of cards on the outcome of each round of battle. There’s guesswork, bluffing, and special powers. Furry creatures too, if that’s your sort of thing. It’s also incredibly portable, playable even without the benefit of a table.

If you’re interested, check out their Kickstarter over here. If you still aren’t convinced, rather than review it for a third time, I’ve put together a little list of six absolutely real and genuine places that I’ve played Oddball Aeronauts.

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