Six Places I’ve Played Oddball Aeronauts

The "O" in "Oddball" is capitalized. Don't let anyone tell you different. Including Maverick Muse.

I don’t normally plug Kickstarter campaigns, but there’s one in particular I’ve already reviewed twice this year, and both times my assessment was pretty much glowing. It’s called Oddball Aeronauts, from Maverick Muse, and it’s rad. Basically, it’s a light game about a fight between airships in which you wager a number of cards on the outcome of each round of battle. There’s guesswork, bluffing, and special powers. Furry creatures too, if that’s your sort of thing. It’s also incredibly portable, playable even without the benefit of a table.

If you’re interested, check out their Kickstarter over here. If you still aren’t convinced, rather than review it for a third time, I’ve put together a little list of six absolutely real and genuine places that I’ve played Oddball Aeronauts.

I couldn't take a picture of us playing on the airplane because the TSA said it was terrorism to take pictures of aircraft blowing each other up.

A few of the cards from Oddball Aeronauts 2.

#1: On a Cross-Country Flight

Air travel is a perfect place for some gaming, if only because you’re trapped in near-space with only a thin sheet of aluminum between you and guaranteed death and you really need to get your mind off the bratty kid who keeps kicking the back of your chair. Sure, you could try to play a game on that pathetic little tray table, but let’s face it — some moms change their babies on there. You might be able to force yourself to eat off the top of that poop-stained slab of plastic because the meals come in shrink-wrap, but unless it’s a disposable deck of Uno cards (REDUNDANT: all decks of Uno are disposable), then you should be ashamed of despoiling your card games by placing them for even one moment atop one of those trays. Also, turbulence or a pilot showing off to the new flight attendant might result in your precious cards being whisked away into the aisle.

Solution? Play Oddball Aeronauts. You’ll never even have to lower the tray table!

FAKE! ... Yeah, so? Oddball Aeronauts 2 didn't even exist at the time of GenCon 2014. What do you think I am, a time wizard?

Oddball Aeronauts at GenCon!

#2: While Standing Around for Two and a Half Hours in the Fantasy Flight Line at GenCon

First of all, that line was ridiculous. Second, even though GenCon was a fabulous experience filled with dozens of games, the one we played most was Oddball Aeronauts. Why? Mostly because of the long periods of waiting in between getting our grubby mitts on the latest offering to the Cult of the New. Also because the guy in front of us had super bad breath and an unaccountable love of all things Yu-Gi-Oh!, and this was an excuse to turn away from him. “Sorry guy, but if I talk to you, Steve will look at my cards. You know how it is.”


Note the custom Space-Biff! cards; thanks Maverick Muse!

#3: While Driving Down the Freeway at 85mph in the Middle of the Night

I didn’t take a picture because it would have been dangerous. But nothing beats a rousing game with your significant other as your hurtle carelessly down the freeway in the dead of night.

Yeah, I totally won. Never figured out what she kept shouting about.

Bonus: Getting startled by your opponent's bluff doesn't have any unintended consequences.

Got any paper?

#4: After Two Too Many Chalupas

You aren’t going anywhere for a while, so why not settle in and have some fun?

"No, wait, that's not what I wanted to do! Just one more sec... I can just move your guys off their spaces, right? No? Oh, I thought I could. Now I have to rethink this..."

Long wait? No worries.

#5: While Waiting for Geoff to Take His Damn Turn

Oddball Aeronauts bears the distinction of being the only game I’ve played while playing another game. More specifically, while a certain someone who shall not be named other than in the section header struggled with his theoretically game-winning move, everyone else was kept happy playing Oddball Aeronauts. The new version comes with rules for four-player games, a perfect distraction for when someone is suffering from a seizure of Analysis Paralysis.

Ah, I see you've selected the "I poop myself" gambit. Clever indeed.

What’s yer move, kid?

#6: While Watching Baby Cate Eat Lint Despite My Best Efforts

No, Baby Cate is not a super gaming genius. However, she’s rambunctious enough that it often takes two half-bored-to-death parents to keep her out of trouble. On those extra-long days when the baby is just too much to handle alone, when you aren’t guaranteed the use of both limbs or the comfort of a chair or table, a quick game might be the only thing keeping both feet firmly planted atop the Clifftop of Sanity, which teeters over the Canyon of the Evening News. Don’t take the plunge: play Oddball Aeronauts instead!

Anyway, that’s about it, unless you want to hear about how I’ve played Oddball Aeronauts on my couch. Oh, you do? Okay:

#7: On My Couch

Yup. On my couch.

More seriously, this is one of my favorite travel games. Check it out.

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  1. As always, any newcomers to Space-Biff! ought to know: check out the alt-texts. They’re often the best part of Dan’s articles.

    The “I poop myself” gambit. Heh!

  2. Ooh, I’ve only ever played Urbion while waiting for my “turn” after being effectively eliminated in The Game of Thrones Boardgame; but another of my friends was in the same (we could only produce boats) boat! We could have played oA together across the table!

  3. I backed the original, and I can second this recommendation. It really is a fantastic game for travel, waiting around for meeting, etc. It’s possibly my most-played game of the last couple months.

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