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RPS Ascension: The Awakening (Spring, Year 1)

And so the RPS game of Dominions 3 begins, with the awakening of a pretender long dormant: Akenbei. Akenbei has risen from his long sleep in the fissured netherworld beneath Yomi, where he was laid to rest during the rule of the Pantokrator, the Old God. Long did Yomi-backs bend before that foreign king — and to think, he called Akenbei “pretender”! — but now the jubilant cries of all the creatures and cultists of Yomi have fallen upon ears no longer dumb with slumber. Akenbei has been made to stir, focus lidless eye, and shudder throat and tongue with speech long forgotten.

It's concerning to me that nobody cares where the Pantokrator has got off to.

Antopeos, abandoned by its patron.

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RPS Ascension: Setup

So I’m going to be squaring off in dire battle against a few chaps from the forums of Rock, Paper, Shotgun. Our poison of choice is the excellent Dominions 3: The Awakening, a title from 2006 that is even more expensive today in the distant future than it was upon release. I imagine it’s still selling well because it has a tendency to sneak up on people — it’s a firecracker of a game, the kind that surprises you right at the moment you’ve got it all figured out.

... Except that each sprite has an attack variation!

You should see it in motion! It looks about the same.

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