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Play Coin Age for Only $1.56!

The first edition (pictured) is only available in America. The European version has cooler coins, Canadians are forced to use looneys and tooneys, and the game is way overpriced when using the Kuwaiti Dinar variant.

Hold on, I know what you’re thinking: A buck fifty-six? Dan, you hyperbolic hipster! Surely, no game worth playing could be so affordable! Alright then, I have a pair of rebuttals for you. First, you’re using the word “hipster” far too haphazardly, and it makes you sound like a YouTube commenter; and second, if you think cost is the best indicator of a game’s quality, then surely you haven’t heard of Adam P. McIver, Project Game, or the freshly-minted Coin Age.

Oh, and the best part? Since you can print and play it right now (proof!), you can even use some of that $1.56 for dollar menu food once you wrap up your game.

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