Elsewhere: A Fistful of Dinero

Despite this being a terrible eyesore, I sort of like it better than the game's actual box art.

Another month, another writeup over at the Review Corner! This time it’s Charlie Theel’s A Fistful of Dinero, a genre mashup about shooting the fluff out of a dusty saloon. You can read about it right here, though I recommend tabbing between the review and the pictures I’ve stashed below.

Crummy plastic poker chips in this case. Time to finally put Splendor to good use...

Dashing for the cash!

Contrary to what he tells you, this has never happened in real life.

Throwing a chair at Elliott.

*breaks into song* "You didn't count on me, when you were countin' on yer rosary, oh oh oh..."

Better count those prayers…

Why aren’t there pictures on the Review Corner? Good question. You should complain about that to someone.

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  1. I know that place is new and all, but they really need pics.

  2. Definitely complain to Miniature Market if you feel strongly about it.

    • (I’m operating under the assumption that you’re Charlie of the Review Corner. If not, my apologies! But this is my opinion on the subject at hand either way.)

      The reason I frequent the sites I do is so I can read good opinions about games while also seeing what they look like and getting a feel for how they operate. Ideally, I’d like to have a chuckle too. But while a few of the pieces on the Review Corner feel well-considered, most of them aren’t entertaining enough to return for the writing. This goes double when there aren’t any pictures to break up the text-walls and show me what I’m considering purchasing, so why shouldn’t I just go to BGG instead, where I can find everything crammed into one place? Or just stick to Dan’s stuff here on SB! because it’s enthusiastic, or find opinions in any of the other dozen places opinions can be found? To succeed, you need a “thing.” Simply having opinions isn’t enough of a thing.

      It really comes down to how serious the Review Corner intends to be about becoming a go-to board games destination. If they just want to offer some quick opinions to get people to buy stuff from Miniature Market, then mission accomplished with minimal effort. Anything more than that, the place needs a lot of work.

      Which is fine. It’s a new space. But it’s something to consider.

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