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Sho Sho Shogunate

I really dig this game's color scheming: plain washi paper with ink brushstrokes and sparing splashes of color.

Japanese history isn’t really my specialty. As far as I can tell, it basically consists of four thousand years of fighting over who gets to be shogun for a little bit, then the new shogun gets poisoned by a ninja and the whole things starts all over again, at least until Tom Cruise shows up and wows everyone with his beard into accepting modernity — but sensible modernity rather than mean modernity.

Thankfully, the tiny card game Shogunate doesn’t do anything to challenge my assumptions. Just last night, we propped up five new shoguns, then promptly murdered all of them. There were vendettas, assassinations, and… well, that’s mostly what happened. Vendettas and assassinations.

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