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Mini-Review: Master Plan

Did I choose to begin with Master Plan because it was the simplest of the Minigame Library's six games? Or because it had the shortest manual entry? Or because its theme caught my attention? No. I chose Master Plan first because its picture was the first one on the side of the box.

Minigame Library, Game #1: Master Plan

Since our attempt to review the Minigame Library from Level 99 Games failed thanks to our complete inability to manage our expectations, I’ve decided there’s just nothing for it but to review each of the six (mini) games in a more traditional manner. First up is Master Plan, the only game where you’ll get to take part in an obstacle course game show for supervillains. The prize: one million one billion dollars (that’s the game’s joke, not mine).

If the concept sounds lame, it’s because it is. If it doesn’t, then I’m afraid it is you who are lame, sir. Thankfully, Master Plan itself is a surprisingly good time.

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