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Elsewhere: Raid & Trade

This game basically won last year's "Best Looks for a Worst Game of 2015" award.

It isn’t often that I play truly terrible games. For the most part, my personal filter has seen enough use that it strains out the turds before they ever land on my table, like a sieve umbrella that keeps my hat smear-free. Also in this metaphor, it rains poo.

Unfortunately, every so often a wet one trumpets through the net. This time it was Raid & Trade, one of the dullest games that has ever besotted my living room. My review can be found over at Miniature Market’s Review Corner. It’s perhaps my most openly negative critique in a long time — frankly, I’m surprised they agreed to publish it. If you do take a look, take note of the unintentional hilarity to be found after the article’s conclusion.