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Welcome to Your Suburban Hellscape

My perfect home is a decommissioned missile silo converted to a luxury spa in a foreboding mist-choked mountain. Got one of those in your trousers, Welcome To?

Last month I called out a particular roll-and-write game as handsome but dull. It isn’t necessary to mention the game’s name (it was Ancient Artifacts) but some part of me was left wondering if the entire genre was a flash flood of hype — a dull roar, a rush of water, and the sudden crashing realization that this slot canyon was the wrong place to pitch camp.

Benoit Turpin’s Welcome To is the roll-and-write that changed my mind. And it doesn’t even feature any actual rolling.

Okay, I lied. Sometimes the little golf pencils included in the box fall off the table. That’s a type of rolling.

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