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Pack O Review: BUS

Honestly, this is a bit of a relief. The Pack O Game has been fun to review, but its individual titles never quite captured my imagination the way some of the ditties in Level 99's Minigame Library did. Hopefully Pack O Game 2 will fare better!

Chris Handy’s first Pack O Game has been something of a wild ride, ranging from delightful highs to more than one stretch of tedium. Much like a bus journey, perhaps? Nah, not really, as anyone who’s ever ridden a Greyhound across any significant distance can attest. There comes a point of self-annihilation, usually when the Great Plains stretch out before ye, where you come to comprehend that nothing you have ever experienced has occurred beyond the inverted reflection of light against your retinas, the imposed firing of nerve endings or vibrating cochlea. It’s a moment of tremendous enlightenment, if perchance you permit it to be. Otherwise it might consume you, as only falling upward into the black night sky could do.

Anyway, BUS is a rather good conclusion to the Pack O Game!

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