Summoner Wars Mega #8: Fallen Kingdom vs. Deep Dwarves

A Brief Post-Game Chat

Somerset: That was our most exciting game yet!

Dan: I agree! But for the sake of conversation, what stood out to you that made it the most exciting one?

Somerset: I never felt like I was outright losing at any point, nor really winning. We were so evenly matched and everyone’s abilities and dice were working really well. We both had a chance to win right up to the end, which I liked.

Dan: Again, I agree. We had a few interesting swings in momentum, I thought.

Somerset: Not the least of which was that awesome Phantom!

Dan: That bah Phantom. What I mean is that early on, I was pushing hard and your (damn) Phantom took over Piclo, and I had to fall back. And even that was after an early push and retreat. Then you had a good push onto my northern side, which I barely repelled, then some good back-and-forth in the south and midfield.

Somerset: I couldn’t believe I rolled that six! That was such a critical moment.

Dan: I was relieved your second Phantom didn’t possess Lun after he survived that barrage. That would have been the end of me.

Somerset: It would have been amazing.

Dan: Luck dictates you get one (1) Phantom-champ Possession per game. No more!

Somerset: Too bad. Lun was a pain in the patoot.

Dan: All my champs were like that. Especially when I had to fight them. Dumb Piclo.

Somerset: So what were the stats? We had a lot of give and take with our magic piles.

Dan: I think our magic economies were a little skewed, since I took a few of your units that had spent time in your discard pile. You raised quite a few. I took 16, you took 11.

Somerset: Very high, interesting. How about dice? I feel we both rolled very well.

Dan: It was pretty close in terms of percentage. You rolled 48/76, I rolled 55/90. Seems high, though we both had a tendency to overkill in that game. As in, we both landed lots of wounds that we didn’t actually need.

Somerset: I can see that.

Dan: So how would you change your deck?

Somerset: That’s an awesome question. We probably should have been asking that after every game.

Dan: Yeah… now that we’re finished, we’ve finally figured out what questions to ask.

Somerset: I think I should have brought one more Reaper for a defensive Raise the Dead, since at the end I summoned a Cultist and I would have rather had the extra hitpoints. I brought three extra Skeleton Archers and never summoned any. I never even raised any.

Dan: They’re pretty good for denying your enemy magic. I’m not sure that sounds all that useful against the Deep Dwarves, considering the many ways I kept finding magic.

Somerset: True. I’m glad I brought all five Cultists. I liked my two Phantoms, and I love my Zombie Warriors… I’d probably add more Zombies.

Dan: Yeah, you had some pesky luck with your Zeds, both good and bad.

Somerset: I thought I had a good number of them, I just wish they had come into my hand at a more opportune time. I drew three of them right near the end. What did you think of your build?

Dan: I’ll have to think more about it. I’m not sure what I would change. I’m not feeling very generous towards Piclo.

Somerset: It’s not his fault he was so easily Possessed. He would have been a great boon to your team if you’d kept him back a little better.

Dan: That’s true. I pushed up a valuable champ against the FK, I deserved the consequences.

Somerset: In fact, I think all your champion picks were the best ones you could have brought.

Dan: I keep hearing that Kynder is the best pick, but I liked the ones I had, yeah. Lun was incredible. He’s like a common-snatching bogeyman. And Gren was a big annoyance to you. I think the main change would be with commons. I’d take the Battle Mages out, since I never bothered with them. Gem Mages were much more interesting.

Somerset: Yeah, those two champs did a lot of damage. You got a lot of magic from me by stealing commons out of my battle line and when Gren stole my hard-earned magic. As for Gem Mages, I think their ability is better than the Battle Mage too. You never used the second part of their ability, right? The one that let you move them back to a Wall?

Dan: I never found that moment where it stood out as particularly useful. I’m sure it is, and often, but in that game I never wanted to. Each time I considered it, it felt like their absence would be leaving Tundle or a key champion exposed, or I’d be giving too much ground.

Somerset: Your Scholars were surprisingly effective. You always seemed to have enough to activate Insight. I thought your magic economy was superb.

Dan: Thanks! Though I noticed I made a few mistakes.

Somerset: Such as?

Dan: Tempo. I burned my deck too fast. I should have played more defensively, and used Tundle’s Meditate more often early on instead of pushing. I made two early offensives, and I shouldn’t have made the first. Even the second one was probably a bad idea.

Somerset: I agree you probably shouldn’t have pushed up, especially that first time. Though I was really confused why you did that little retreat after you gained some traction. That took me by surprise. I wasn’t sure what to do.

Dan: I was afraid you’d plop down both Skhull and Elut-Bal in one turn, that horrific combination that your FK is uniquely capable of. Then my little army would have been shredded.

Somerset: Woulda been cool, but Elut-Bal was in my second-to-last draw. What do you think of Deep Dwarves becoming your favorite team, like people have been saying?

Dan: I’ll definitely start playing them more. I need to try some more combinations before I’m 100% sold, but for now I definitely enjoyed them. Are you sad our series is over?

Somerset: A little. At least now we won’t have to take pictures anymore. That slows down the game a lot.

Dan: Well, good games!

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  1. I totally called it. 😉 Great game, both of you. Glad you got on pretty well with DD too, Dan!

    More SW and more MEGAs please, SB!

    • Thanks! I’m really happy with how this one turned out. AND I’m interested in the Deep Dwarves!

      Not sure we’ll do more of these… they’re a ton of work, and we have a different Mega series brewing. We’ll see. 🙂

  2. That looked like a very satisfying game for both players. Both players getting their champs out , magic drains, legions of the dead, gem mages gorging on magic and then the thug battle one always wants to see but rarely gets between summoners right at the end when all tricks have been used up. Fantastic. Can’t wait for the next mega 🙂

  3. Excellent game, a worthy conclusion to the series! I wasn’t sure how it would end, right up to the last roll. And thanks for including hte numbers 🙂

  4. That was awesome! Great ending to a great series!

    I’ve been playing SW thanks in no small part to this series, and I love it! I made the mistake of not following your guys’ advice by playing Swamp Orcs, and that was a bit confusing, but still not too bad. Now my gaming group has the Master Set and both Starter Sets and we’re working on picking up all the loose factions. I think I share your annoyance with a couple of the starting factions, but otherwise it’s all good stuff.

    Anyway, I’ll say it again, rad game! I hope you decide to do a second round…

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it! And that’s great that you’re having a good time with SW!

      As for more SW Mega, I can’t tell you more than I’ve told everyone else, because I just don’t know what we’ll do with it. The response has been positive enough that Somerset and I have talked about doing another series of them, maybe round two between the victors of this series, or once Plaid Hat releases the second summoners. Right now I’m just burnt out on it, because these took a lot more work than I expected them to. Also, Space-Biff! has recently transformed into a SW blog, and that’s not what I want it to be.

      I think we’ll be doing another Mega series soon, though I can’t tell for sure what it’ll be. I was thinking Descent 2nd Edition, Risk Legacy, AI War… not sure. Something like that.

      • Stoked for any of those!

        Yes, I’m having a great time with SW. Favorite faction = Mountain Vargath. Love those guys!

      • I’m quite fond of the Vargath too. Having a Brute throw an enemy unit into a scrum of your goatmen (who then pummel them into so much paste) is pretty funny.

      • Absolutely! I also love bringing down their walls, which the goats are able to do surprisingly quickly, especially if you manage to get Growden up. Crowd and demolish.

  5. Great series! From now on, this is the link I’ll give people when they ask about that game I’m always playing. 🙂

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