Summoner Wars Mega #7: Cave Goblins vs. Swamp Orcs

A Brief Post-Game Chat

Dan: Good game!

Somerset: I’m surprised I lasted so long.

Dan: I disagree with the tone of that statement.

Somerset: I didn’t think I’d win, but I sure gave you a run for your money. Were you ever worried?

Dan: I’ll get to that in a second, but first I want to say that when people heard about this pairing, they said you were doomed. Frankly, I think they were neglecting some of the strengths of the Cave Goblins. You did really, really well.

Somerset: Thanks honeypants. But I didn’t think I could win. I thought I was doomed.

Dan: To answer your question, I was worried too. Once the south end of the board had become a deserted wasteland, and after my main push onto your summoning spots failed, I was worried. I was bringing forward Mugglug to get into the fight because I was all worn down. My champs were dropping like flies.

Somerset: Oh you silly. That’s because you mistakenly thought Sneeks had nine hitpoints. I never really thought I’d win. I maybe had a chance if I had been able to go first, moved up quickly, blocked walls, had the events… but none of that happened. But 15 rounds is a good long run.

Dan: Don’t tell them that! … But yes, for some reason I was thinking I needed 3 more hits on Sneeks, not just 1 more. So my 1/3 from Glarg meant I could put maybe 1 more from my Hunter, then both were dead. Then Mugglug would need to come in and clean up. But you had Reeker in good health, a Climber in your hand, and Sneeks. So I thought I was in real trouble. I panicked and assumed I’d put fewer wounds on him than I had

Somerset: Sooooo cute! Also, I was surprised I took 9 of your units!

Dan: Yeah, it was a very high-grossing game, magic-wise. I took 15 of yours, you took 9 of mine. It’s pretty common for the CG to give more magic than they take, since they don’t need much and their units are so flimsy.

Somerset: We both rolled well too, I thought.

Dan: This sounds like a lead-in to a numbers discussion. For Dale!

Somerset: We’re thinking of you, buddy.

Dan: Heh. Okay, so we both rolled around 60%. I was a bit under, you were a bit over. I rolled 47/79, you had 36/58.

Somerset: Sneeks’ attacks were frankly amazing. I want to say he never missed more than 1 attack.

Dan: I believe you’re right. He was a muffin of the stud variety. So pretty balanced rolling overall. Especially when I caught up at the end.

Somerset: Vine Walls are the devil.

Dan: I think this was the first game that made me realize that too many Vine Walls can hurt the Swamp Orcs too. Or at least that too much of a good thing can be a not-good thing.

Somerset: Why do you say that?

Dan: I think that’s a common saying.

Somerset: No, about the Vine Walls. You jungled half of the board! It seemed like you got them all out!

Dan: Right, I got 12 of 15 out. But that’s the thing. The southern end of the board was just a smelly wasteland. I could have been safe in it with most of my units, but it would have taken ages to actually move anyone anywhere, since I couldn’t summon onto the vines themselves.

Somerset: You could have summoned to my back row, though you never did.

Dan: I was going to make more use of my Savagers though, and then I didn’t because of the vine jungle. In part, anyway. The battle in the northern half became so intense that I didn’t want to back down from it, especially once you started ripping up the vines. That was bad for me. I went from having the ability to summon right next to Sneeks to not having any usable inroads within one or two turns.

Somerset: I think I moved him around quite well, and did a fair job of blocking the really good summoning points.

Dan: I do too. So you mentioned that you should have brought The Eater. What are your thoughts on that? I have some, but I’ll keep them for after I hear yours.

Somerset: Well, like you mentioned while we were playing, the Eater would have been really effective against your team simply because your commons are so expensive it would have been devastating to have them eaten. It would have only worked to have him near the beginning though when there weren’t as many vine walls in the North. It might have been tricky keeping him fed though with my units and the Vine Walls creeping up everywhere, and that’s the main reason I didn’t bring him.

Dan: That makes sense.

Somerset: I just didn’t think I could be mobile enough.

Dan: Thing is, The Eater had an impact on the battle anyway.

Somerset: Huh?

Dan: Any time you had 4 magic, I didn’t summon a Savager. Because I was so afraid I’d lose a cost-4 common without even putting up a fight. It happened twice.

Somerset: [laughs] That’s awesome.

Dan: When you finally put down Reeker, I was relieved. Also annoyed. Also out of commons other than a Conjurer.

Somerset: I hate those Savagers. I’m glad the fear of The Eater made you afraid to bring out you dudes with the Fear ability! The irony! For my part, I held onto events too long. I should have burned through them quicker after… oh, the second turn.

Dan: I wondered if you had a hand of events. You never had too many great opportunities to use them. I should have backed off for a turn when you played Goblin Invincibility, but I thought I’d roll better than 1/9.

Somerset: Soooo… last game next week?

Dan: Yep. Fallen Kingdom. Deep Dwarves. Be there.

Somerset: Or be square!

Somerset didn't really say "Or be square," and I'll likely get in trouble for quoting her as such.

Next week: Fallen Kingdom vs. Deep Dwarves.

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  1. Thanks guys! Always nice to be in other’s thoughts. 🙂 And good game!

  2. This was a rough matchup, so the SO were always going to win. I predict the DD will take it next time.

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