Summoner Wars Mega #6: Guild Dwarves vs. The Filth

A Brief Post-Game Chat

Dan: Good game, even though I’m a touch bitter!

Somerset: It was a good game! I just about lost it there when that Horror, Corpulent, and… what was the other mutant down there? Torturing Oldin?

Dan: Spew?

Somerset: Yeah, I’m glad Oldin was such a tough old bean.

Dan: His ability never even helped! If some of my misses were from his Stone Melding, I’d be happier.

Somerset: Yeah, it was pretty worthless. But it makes sense for it to be a bit weak since the GD are so overpowered. That’s funny that our writeups were both about how our teams were good ones.

Dan: I think this was a good matchup. Two overpowered factions bashing on each other… I don’t know what to talk about, this head-cold is wrecking me. You take the lead!

Somerset: Gror certainly saved the day for me.

Dan: Ugh! Gror! That punk!

Somerset: I don’t think I missed very much.

Dan: No, you had some good luck in this game.

Somerset: What were the numbers? (I might as well ask, since Just Dale will ask in the comments if we don’t get it out of the way now).

Dan: I rolled 32/50, you rolled 40/52. As for magic economy, I took 7 of your cards and you took 17 of mine.

Somerset: [whistles] Holy smokes. That 17 is probably a little out of context though, I only killed 8 mutations. Maybe 9, since there was a mutation on top of a Defender at one point.

Dan: That’s true. But it sure looks impressive.

Somerset: It does create quite a juxtaposition.

Dan: I should have brought the Absorption Mutant to get my Flying Mutant back or something. I never even got close to using my Stoneflesh Mutant.

Somerset: I was worried about getting Gror out, since he’s so expensive, but it ended up being pretty easy with all the magic I was getting.

Dan: Yeah, it made for an interesting game. You were never short on cash, I was never short on tricks to pull.

Somerset: You did a good job keeping the numbers even, I was only able to use one catch-up event.

Dan: I wish I’d paid more attention, because I could have prevented that Reinforcements event by letting my Anointed die instead of using Shield of the Hopeful, then Oldin couldn’t have done as much to protect himself.

Somerset: That’s true, that was some good luck having those commons at that time. On the other hand, you put in every Mutation that I absolutely hate.

Dan: I packed them in intentionally. That fatty dude survived nearly the whole game!

Somerset: Yeah, he lasted FOREVER I hate that monster.

Dan: Well, good game. I’d love to talk about more, but my FACE! I can’t think of anything else…

Somerset: Good game!

A battle of savages for our entertainment!

Next week: Cave Goblins vs. Swamp Orcs.

See you next week!

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  1. You have to play the role your given in a game Somerset, (Panic Station). It isn’t fair to the other infected players that are just trying to be all they can be for their overbearing head crab.

    Good game. The filth sure are tricky buggers.

  2. Thanks for not making me ask!

  3. GD take it, just as I expected! I didn’t think they’d have quite so much trouble – or luck – with it, but the FL can be soooo tricky to fight. It can feel like they always have JUST the right card to screw you up.
    Next time, I think SO are going to win. Though the CG are good at crowding walls…

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