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XCOM: Board Game Unknown

Note the sinister backlighting, the imposing stance of our fighters. Perhaps it's debating the divides of transhumanism, the win-at-all-costs-including-our-souls nature of this conflict? ... Naaaaah.

There’s a gentle irony to one of PC gaming’s most beloved turn-based games being turned into a real-time board game, but don’t let that fool you into thinking that XCOM: The Board Game doesn’t understand what gave XCOM its hallowed reputation. It’s almost a shame that the Best Real-Time Board Game Ever Award was granted in perpetuity back in 2008, because this right here represents something monumental in board game design.

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XCOM: Sentinels of Earth, Part 1

"Why'd we only bring four of us?" asks Aziz. "We don't have an Officer Training School, dummy," says Hadiya. "Oh, right, I knew that."

The Super Sentinels deploy outside the diner.

For this game diary, I’ll be playing XCOM: Enemy Unknown on Impossible difficulty with Iron Man mode enabled — so if I make a mistake, that’s it, no do-overs. Wish the Sentinels luck!

Top Brass weren’t so sure about putting together such an ethnically diverse squad, but alien invasions have a way of bringing people together. After some initial distrust and petty squabbling, our heroes picked up a few harsh but fair life lessons and engaged in a few alcohol-lubricated fraternizing and bar scuffles, and have now earned the trust and affection necessary to watch each others’ backs. They call themselves the Sentinels, largely because they dislike being called XCOMmers.

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