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Discs of Indines

After punching each other for hours, Kavri, Heketch, Hikaru, Kallistar, and unknown-purple-hair-guy decide to play a friendly game of dice duelers. Yes, I figured out their names to make this alt-text unnecessarily "World of Indines"-accurate. Yes, I regret taking so much time to do it.

I don’t “get” Level 99 Games’ World of Indines setting. One minute its characters are brawling in the streets, the next they’re brawling in bars — I think I follow so far — and five minutes later they’re laughing over a friendly game of volleyball or soccer or speed-racer or something, and suddenly I’m not sure I grasp the nuances of this relationship. Weren’t they just barely angry with each other? Why are they now pals with that demon-faced dude? Are they just getting along so the artist won’t have to come up with a new set of fifty cutesy characters and the writer won’t have to invent fifty new names? Or is there really some sort of acid-trip story arc going on over here?

None of these fascinating question have anything to do with Disc Duelers, the latest title in the World of Indines. Flicking, on the other hand? Flicking has a lot to do with it.

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