Space-Cast! #3. Critic vs. Critic

For once, Wee Aquinas doesn't have anything snarky to say.

For today’s Space-Cast!, Dan Thurot speaks with a new friend in the form of Tom Chick, veteran reviewer of video and board games alike. They discuss the state of games criticism, dirty words that should never appear in a critique, and some of the lessons Tom has learned about writing reviews and writing in general.

Listen over here or download here. Timestamps can be found after the jump.


2:00 — how we’re surviving the coronavirus lockdown
17:46 — Tom’s background
30:16 — what is games criticism?
36:37 — dirty words
40:49 — the line between reviewer and critic
45:49 — Tom’s lesson corner
1:06:00 — Dan pays Tom an awkward compliment

Next time, Dan speaks to a designer who knows more than almost anybody in the industry about small boxes.


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  1. That was a sublime listen. Keep it up!

  2. An excellent conversation. Hopefully you’ll show up on Tom’s podcast in the future!

  3. Great conversation, I could easily have listened for a few hours more!
    Weirdly, I stumbled across Tom’s blog just a few days ago and listened to some of his podcasts right before this one, what are the odds?

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