Runewars Mega: The Index

Which after dozens of hours is now thankfully concluded.

Red Scorpion raises the Lost City, beginning the War for the Dragon Throne.

It is with tremendous relief that I compile the index of everything I’ve written—or will write, I hope—about Runewars. Our game of Runewars took about 15 hours to complete—much longer than average—and over four times as long to write up. So without further ado (though with one further “read more” click), I present the index:


Game Mechanics

Year 1: Raising the Lost City
Year 2: The Hunt
Year 3: Corridor of Red
Year 4: Drought
Year 5: Scattering the Horde
Year 6: The Gathering Storm
Year 7: Uncommon Kinship
Year 8: Race for the Dragon Throne

That’s it! I hope that all those of you who managed to make it through that incredibly lengthy and self-indulgent writeup were able to draw some small measure of satisfaction from the whole thing.

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