One More Reason to Love Dominions 4

I've been chatting with a friend about how much we love the Dom4 menu screens, but that's not what this article is about.

I love Dominions 4. It’s the sprawl of the thing. The thousand thousand units, spells, magic items, deities. The expansive mythology. The steady build from small armies supported by a little bit of magic to massive armies that exist only to protect wizards who cast world-ending doomspells. The fact that I’m running a 13-player, 15-AI game that will likely last over a year and generate stories I’ll remember for the rest of my life — and yes, I’ll also report the whole thing here once the game is done and nobody can use the writeups to suss out my team’s strategies.

Today though, I found one more thing to love about Dom4. You can find it after the jump — though be warned, what follows contains about 85 pixels (no, I didn’t count) of Not Safe For Work thanks to some mythological nudity.

I'd say "click to embiggen," but I believe Naberius has already done that.

Oh, I bet he did.

If it hadn’t already won it, Dom4 just re-earned the “Best Play-by-Email Game Ever” Award.

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  1. I guess he was unsatisfied with the size of his wand.

  2. My guess is picking some low hanging twigs and berries but your deity seems horny.

  3. The stats for the short spear were always a bit stunted. And giants often benefit from some reinvigoration to keep their endurance up.

    Wow, it’s surprisingly easy to forge double entendres for Dominions.

  4. The infantry look ready to thrust their spears.

  5. Holy God, that made me snort a mouthful of noodles. 😀

  6. Alteration 3 unnecessary. He’s a god after all, you think Zeus ever suited up?

  7. My lust for Dom4 increases yet again.

    Wait, that… no wait…

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