Space-Biff! on Hiatus

You'll probably figure it out by just googling that hotel name over there. Cheetah.

As you may have noticed, our regular programming here at Space-Biff! has slowed from a hopeful cool trickle to a dry faucet in the middle of the harshest windswept desert. Also, you may have deduced from this note’s title that we’re taking some time for ourselves — in part to contemplate whether there’s a meaning behind our short and possibly pointless lives, but mostly just to see some pretty places in Europe. And my original plan to continue updating the site with shorter articles hasn’t panned out — after all, Venice is one hell of a place. Vienna makes two.

If you’re wondering how to while away the hours in our absence… well, I was close to recommending a spate of excellent blogs you could read instead of this one, then figured if you’re missing this site all that much, why go and ruin that for you?

And by the way, the view is fantastic. Five space pennies to whomever can identify the spot I took that picture from.

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  1. Those recommended blogs are still welcomed.

  2. I for one miss Space-Biff. And you were updating so often in May that the sudden silence is like a kick in the stomach!

  3. Have fun on your trip!

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