A Plea from Space-Biff!

This is your chance to stand up to Rupert Murdoch. Who *doesn't* want to do that?

When I decided to start writing Space-Biff! it was for one of those “just because” reasons. It was meant as an outlet for things that interest me, and I never intended to use it as a soapbox. But you may have heard of the Stop Online Piracy Act or the Protect IP Act (the links lead to their full texts). If not, I’d recommend a couple of short reads, or a look at their respective Wikipedia pages. If that’s too much effort, then there’s a just-over-four-minute video after the jump. Please take a look.

A number of websites have begun organized protests against these proposed acts, including Google, Reddit, and Wikipedia. A number of other websites will be blacking out tomorrow in protest.

If you find this concerning (and you should, regardless of political affiliation. Unless you’re a fan of oligarchical collectivism or something equally sinister—then by all means, please ignore everything I’ve said), I’d recommend linking to this page and letting Congress know that you don’t support the interests of millionaire media execs over freedom from censorship.

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